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Selling at Auction

Buying a home or any other real estate property at public auction is no different from buying the other way except:


  • You get immediate action.
  • The buyer sets the price, not an outsider.
  • A specific date, date and time is pre-determined which prevents the Property from being on the market for a long drawn out period of time.
  • People who have shown interest in your property will realize that if they want it they must commit themselves to purchase it at definite time and place.
  • It focuses the attention of all the prospective purchasers upon your property and they are put on notice that the property will sell to the highest bidder at a specific time and place.
  • The Auction Method is one way of bringing about such sales. This is done in a manner where there can be no criticism as to price obtained. Courts, Trustees and businessmen everywhere, in most cases, have held that an auction well advertised and well attended will determine a fair market value over all other methods.
  • It eliminates the seller having to prepare the property for showing numerous times, even when very inconvenient.
  • Eliminates having property tied up by persons making offers that can’t get a loan.
  • It’s the only way to sell with a good possibility of obtaining a higher price than the original asking price.
  • It has been proven nationally that people who buy homes at Public Auction are more financially stable than the average family.
  • Every week more and more people are learning you don’t have to be in a distress situation to sell real estate or personal property at auction.
  • A professionally marketed public auction is the best barometer of values in any neighborhood.
  • Every time Tom Wolfe, Auctioneer/Broker, LLC sells real estate at auction, both the buyer and the seller are very satisfied and happy! The Reason: it’s simple, the buyer did not have to buy and the seller did not have to sell. If both parties involved were not pleased there would not have been a sale.

Auctions Work! Call Col. Tom to find out why.